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Welcome to my website
Please click on the links for my cv; showreel and equipment will give you an idea of the equipment and resources I can provide.
Please call me on 07742222712, or email for for bookings and if you have any questions.
                                                                                Thanks Jeremy.

References: These wonderful people are quite happy to provide a reference via email. Click on link or cut & paste to your email client.
Tony Jopia, Director & Visionary:  -  Gwyn Hemmings, DOP:  -  Angel Delgado, Filmaker, PM:  -  Ric Brock, Director, GODTV: - Katherine Shannon, 1st Assistant Director


“...the most talented sound man, composer, audio engineer, electrician and generally all-round awesome bloke I have ever met.” Gwyn Hemmings D.O.P.

“fantastic on set.” Kate Shannon 1st A.D.

“Zefferelic!” Jazzy Lemon Rock Photographer

Sound & Music Director/Supervisor/Editor/Designer/Recordist/Producer

lensman: Tony Roffe


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News: Jeremy is currently at Brainy Monkey PP sound editing and designing for Sony TV

Jeremy was involved for the whole of the ‘London Paralympics 2012’ as Live TV O.B. Sound Supervisor for Channel 4.

He is now also part of the production team at ‘Silent Studios’

Silent Studios

Jopia Productions