broadcast & equipment

As a sound guy I am very experienced in Film, TV and ENG sound recording and editing. I used to use the industry standard HHB Portadat TC for many years, but now use Edirol R4-Pro Time Code (I have 2 of these) & an Edirol R44 . All are 4 track hard drive and solid state (R44) mixer/recorders which fit into the workflow easily and effectively. 

I have a useful selection of microphones which includes;
          Neumann KMR82i, long mono shotgun;
          audio-technica BP4027 long Stereo shotgun;
          audio-technica AT835ST short Stereo shotgun;
          Sony C-75 long mono shotgun;
          beyer dynamic MCE 86N(C) short mono shotgun;
          and a venerable Sennhiser 815t (mono long shotgun mic);

          Micron radio sets with Tram 50 lapel mics.

All combined wth Rycote, Audio Technica and Lightwave windshields; VDB, Panamic booms and the usual Beyer headphones. (Full kit list here.)

I can ADR on location, anywhere that is reasonably quiet using the location or the sE Electronics Z 5600 A valve microphone.

For large scale studio work, location, ADR, live work, music production I have a DigiDesign Pro Tools HD system with all the normal plug ins; more than enough tracks for foley, 5.1, 7.1 mix, or broadcast standard music performances. Click here for examples.

I can edit sound in Final Cut Pro and use other software programmes, eg, ProTools for individual track editing and preparation.

Sound Design

Using a Mac Pro in FCP, ProTools and Soundtrack I can create multilayered sound designs from my own and purchased extensive library of sound effects. Examples are in the the Leslie Grantham clip where original music is mixed with wild wolves in full throat giving way to emergency sirens plus a number of other effects. More examples here soon.

On the beach with the trusty DAT recorder
Studio set created with my spare studio equipment
The wonderful Alex Hanly in DEADTIME

Producer & Directors:

I apologise in advance for this but for those producer and directors and others who are not totally up with technical side of sound I can put it succinctly by stating that I have enough sound gear to equip a 1st and 2nd unit with digital stereo recording equipment. 

References: These wonderful people are quite happy to provide a reference via email. Click on link or cut & paste to your email client.
Tony Jopia, Director & Visionary: - Dominic Took, Producer & Writer:
Gwyn Hemmings, DOP: - Angel Delgado, Filmaker, PM: - Ric Brock, Director, GODTV: