broadcast equipment

Film & TV Recording.

Location Recorders for use on Location, in the Studio and for ADR.

  • Edirol R-4 Pro. Digital Solid State (80GB Hard Disk Drive), 4-Channel Digital Recorder & Mixer with SMPTE Time Code sync. 4 channels of uncompressed sound/audio up to 24bit/192kHz in BWF with embedded time code. Two of these: I always like a back up.
  • Edirol R-44, Digital Solid State (SDHD Card), 4-Channel digital recorder & mixer. 4 channels of uncompressed audio of 16-bit or 24-bit and sampling frequencies of 44.1kHz; 48kHz; 88.2kHz; 96kHz; 192kHz. BWF, WAV.

I love these recorders as I am able to connect via USB to the DIT system and download the sound very quickly. I have been on quite a few shoots with the Canon 5 & 7D, Red & Alexa and have developed workflow solutions to combat the lack of time code and other quirks.

These are two old war horses that I keep, just in case!

  • HHB Portadat TC (Time code), 2 channel/stereo digital DAT Recorder with timecode
  • Sony MZ-R20, 2 channel digital mini disc recorder/player in an ASC MD-REPORT! kit from Canford Audio.


I have a varied collection of microphones for all eventualities and sound conditions. 

Shotgun for Location and Studio.

  • Neumann KMR82i, long mono shotgun;
  • audio-technica AT835ST – Stereo short shotgun (MS & LR Stereo)
  • audio-technica BP4027 – Stereo long shotgun (MS & LR Stereo)
  • beyer dynamic MCE86N (C) – Mono medium shotgun
  • Sony C74 – Mono medium shotgun
  • Sennheiser MKH 815T – Mono long shotgun
  • sE Electronics sE1a - Pencil condenser

Lapel for Location and Studio

  • Tram TR50 x 3
  • Sony ECM 66 x 2

with Rycote; windshields, windjammers and shock mounts; Audio Technica windshield and support; Lightwave Equaliser; Panamic boom poles

and Radio Microphone Systems

  • 3 x MICRON Diversity SDR UHF Radio Mic; Various requencies; TRAM TR50 & Sony lapel mics
  • 2 x Shure T3 T11 lapel mics

Directors Sound Monitor: radio link from sound recorder to directors video monitor, with 4 individual headphone channels.

Audio Technica BP4027 Stereo