I have the equipment and ability to ADR(Automatic Dialogue Replacement) or loop the actors voices almost anywhere, no need for an expensive studio and more of the actors time if it is done on location as we go.

This can be done using Pro Tools; FCP on Macs or the R4 Pro digital recorder depending on the scale and location of the production.

An example. So there we were in Ingatestone Hall, Essex making a lovely short; ‘Dial ‘M’ for Millicent’.

Part of the script require the lead actress, Judith Street, right, to sing a song explaining her actions.

The music had already been pre-recorded and was on a Mac. My valve microphone was set up with a suitable reflexion filter to stop echoes and reverbs, in a suitable position in the office at the end of the long entrance hall, next to the priest hole. 

We played the music from the Mac into my digital recorder in stereo and recorded the voice separately on a third track to enable the final mix to be done in post. The music was monitored through Beyer headphones by Judith and the musical director.

Three takes and it was done.

The recordings were then put back onto the musical directors Mac for post mixing and use during the shoot when Judith sang and acted along with the backing tracking as it was played back through some reference speakers provided by myself. A little different to the normal dialogue replacement I think you will agree.

This is Judith’s voice on its own.

And this is a mix of the voice and vocal tracks together


Thanks to:

Richard MulHolland (Producer/Writer)
Richie Pengelley (Director - MTV, C4)
James Martin (DOP)
Judith Street as ‘Millicent’
Kate Shannon (1st AD)
Jeremy Drake (Musical Director)
and all those at Ingatestone Hall, thanks Clare.