sound studio equipment

Sound Recording Studio

Pro Tools HD

  • Complete professional studio able to record 32 individual tracks/instruments at a time. Output can be in stereo or 5.1 surround sound. It has 8 channels of headphone monitoring and is contained in flight cases for transport in the UK and internationally. Ideally used for recording music of all kinds including orchestral, recording voice overs and ADR/looping. I also use it for Foley and sound effects development.

Hard drive based Digital Studio

  • For smaller - less complicated recordings - live recordings or large studio recordings I can use a digital Alesis HD24 24bit/44.1/48/96kHz, 24 channel/track hard disc recorder linked to a Soundcraft 328 XD, 32 Channel/Track Digital Console. The sound can be digitally passed to the Pro Tools system and mastered there.


 I have a large collection music studio, theatre & stage microphones: 


Valve - for voice over and vocals

  • sE Electronics Z5600a multiple pick up pattern studio valve microphone

Condenser - for voice and instruments

  • sE Electronics M1C – large diaphragm cardioid
  • AKG C3000B large diaphragm cardioid
  • sE Electronics SE1a small diaphragm
  • AKG C 420 L head fitted microphone

Dynamic – for stage and instrument

  • Shure SM58, Beta58, SM57, Beta 57
  • Sennheiser e845s, e835, vocal; e604, drum
  • AKG D112, kick drum & bass; D224C vintage snare/overhead (Derek & The Dominos)

Contact - for special use, i.e., can be used on acoustic instruments such as cello, double bass, piano ( I used them on the bottom of Tori Amos’s piano)

  • Cducer CX Stereo Set – 2x 8” contact microphone

Boundary - I use these for recording sound effects, especially good for large crowd atmospheres in rooms, walla etc.

  • Optimus (Radioshack) 33-3020
  • Realistic PZM (Crown Model) x2
  • RCF MT3100

Monitoring - speakers and headphones for studio use

  • KRK RPG 2 Rokit 8 monitors - the primary speakers in the music studio.
  • Beyer DT 100 Headphones - I use these on location and in the music studio.
  • Beyer DT102 Monophone and Trantec/Beyer Rx/Tx Radio System used for the boom operator.

Playback - for music videos, screenings, and live performances. Powerful enough to fill a theatre of 1000+ persons, or any large studio, church.

  • dB Technologies, HK Audio loudspeaker Systems (PA) from 600w to 3,500 watts usually attached to Soundcraft mixing consoles depending on the event.
  • I can provide sound play back from most formats and have a selection of CD, DVD, VHS, MiniDV, 8mm, Cassette, MiniDisc, ” Tape, 33/45rpm vinyl record deck; SD SDHC Cards & ADAT machines of studio quality.


Support - all the other bits and pieces that hold it up or connect it all together and with out which none of it would work!

K&M Microphone stands - boom, low & high level stands and attachments for ‘plant’ & stage microphones.

Canford/Neutrix; XLR; ”, 3.5 & 2.5mm jack; RCA phono; SVHS; Speakon; DIN; Scart; F-Type & BNC lead of varying lengths. And oddles of converters and splitters of every kind, in mono and stereo, HDMI, UHF and line.

sE - The Reflexion Filter. Used in ADR on location and in studio.

Audio Multicore 32/8 40m, 24/8 30m, 8/0 25m


PAG, Anton Bauer, HHB, power belts and chargers.

Full flight/camera cases.

Panamic booms 4, 3, 3, & 2m.

Large collection of 240v mains extension leads and power distribution.



Selection of Redheads x 9, Blonde x 2 and Par cans, stands and leads, mains distribution.


Various stage equipment and special effects including LED lighting and lasers, playback for music videos and dance sequences, smoke machines & etc.